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At present, our country is experiencing a period of drought, especially in the eastern zone, which has led to a decrease in agricultural production generated by food shortages at the national level, due to high prices. The lack of available land affects local production, so it is necessary to teach society that it is possible to grow in a small space and in this way obtain food for proper nutrition.

In this context, Equipo Chocoyo, with technical support from graduates in agronomy from the University of El Salvador, begins a project for the creation of urban gardens so that Salvadoran families may be able to produce food from your diet, and in this way promote local production, taking advantage of any space or available green area.

You can sponsor one or more of our already transplanted plants and with them to start your family garden from 17 to 26 June. The plant you will be in their respective pot and labeled with a name of your choosing. Here we present some images that illustrate the process of seeding and transplant who have followed our vegetables.


These seeds of onion are of color purple.

First a seedbed is prepared with black earth where the seeds are sown.  The seedbed is watered regularly with a special technique in which water is absorbed from the root up. Depending on the variety of vegetable or vegetable, it takes between 1 or 2 weeks to germinate.

When the plants have germinated we wait

15 days so that will strengthen and survive the transplant.

In order to be able to transplant them is necessary ensure us that the plants are strong enough to endure the transplant process, i.e. remove them from the seedbed and plant them again in a pot or space in which they will grow and reproduce, to perform this process will need black soil, pots, and tools of gardening.


Each seedling is removed carefully from the seedbed.


Then they are transplanted to a pot where

they’ll grow big and strong with the appropriate care.


Now our plants already are placed in their pot.

Sponsoring of a plant consists of adopt a plant which will receive the name chosen. To reserve your plant and receive more information about the delivery process, write to the e-mail:

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