Our Story

In talks leading up to the founding of Equipo Chocoyo, several frustrations arose in common about the work that NGOs realize in El Salvador. We noticed little priority placed on culture and national identity. We also had an uncomfortable perception that many NGOs instead of changing the system really just formed part of it. Being a group of young professionals and university students, we witnessed the problems in our own communities. Our will, desire, and, most of all, the need to work for the people and improve conditions in the country being clear, we decided to establish an NGO that would make a difference.

Our mission states the purpose of the work we engage in on a daily basis. By staying true to our mission we will play a part in constructing the El Salvador of the future, with better conditions for all Salvadorans.


Create innovative solutions in sustainable development, education, and culture.


A country with clean air and water and free and equal access to economic, educational, and cultural opportunities.

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